The following is some information about PistolGear policies. Additional information may be found on our Terms of Service page.

Restricted Items

At no time are weapons, ammunition, and related products to be listed on This marketplace is specific to airsoft items only.

Items Restrictions

There may be specific laws and restrictions in your area. It is your responsibility to be aware of your local laws and ordinances. If you are unsure of the laws in your area, you should contact your local law enforcement agencies for clarification. Do not remove the orange tip from any firearm replica.


6mmGear accepts payment via our online store; we do not accept phone orders for your protection. At no time will we have access to your full credit card information – we receive only a confirmation code when your transaction is approved.

The moment a purchase is submitted, your card will be charged. It may take up to five days for the billing transaction to hit your statement.

If at any time we suspect an order to be fraudulent, the order will be canceled without notice.

International / non-U.S. Orders

6mmGear does not ship internationally and disallows any items purchased from 6mmGear to be shipped internationally.

Refunds / Credits

All refunds shall be directly managed between the Seller and Buyer.

IP Address

The IP Address of your computer is recorded every time you place an order with PistolGear. In the event that a fraudulent order is placed, PistolGear reserves the right to share the IP Address, name, and address with appropriate authorities.

Sharing Data/Privacy

6mmGear collects customer information for the purpose of completing orders only. 6mmGear will never sell, share or distribute a customer’s information to any outside party unless required to do so by a court of law.

We cannot be responsible for the content or activities of sites that are not directly affiliated with 6mmGear.


All merchandise is being sold by us upon the express condition, and with the express understanding, that we shall in no way be liable in connection with re-sale and safe handling, and shall not be responsible for physical injury or property damage resulting from the use or misuse of such merchandise.

6mmGear makes every possible effort to ensure that the information published on its website is accurate and up to date, but does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions and reserves the right to make amendments at any time and without prior notice.


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