NOTICE: The goal of 6mmGear is to create a positive and smooth transactional experience between the Buyer and Seller. Both Buyer and Seller must understand that all funds for a Classified transaction are held in escrow by 6mmGear until specific conditions are met by both the Buyer and the Seller. Only after these conditions are met will funds be released to the Seller.

Step One: Create an Account – it’s FREE

Note 1: When creating an Account, you will need to verify your account by clicking the verification link sent to the e-mail address you entered. You cannot create a new listing until your account is verified. If you are confident you entered your e-mail address correctly, check your junk or spam folders for the verification noticed with the link.

Note 2: You may delete your Account at any time by going to (upper-right corner) Account>Settings>Delete Account

Step Two: To list an item, select the + Listing button (as shown below) located in the screen’s upper-right corner.

Step Three: Enter the applicable details of your item on the “Add Details” form

  • CATEGORY: Select the category that best matches the item you want to List.
  • IMAGES: Click Select Images to upload images of your item. You are required to upload at least one image, and we suggest you include close-up images of any damaged areas of your item so Buyers have an honest look at the goods.
  • TITLE: Enter a title for your item. Use words that tell items about your item. For example, “Factory Motor from G&G Combat Machine”.
  • PRICE: Enter your asking price for the item. If your price is firm, best to note that in the Description field. Please note that the minimum dollar amount for an item is $10. The system will not allow you to List an item for less than $10.
  • SHIPPING: As you will likely have to ship the item to the Buyer, choose whether the Buyer is to pay the actual shipping costs (on top of the item price) or if the shipping costs include the item price (FREE SHIPPING).
  • CONDITION: Other than price, this is likely the most important selection. You must choose a condition that accurately describes to item. For example, an item used once is not “New”; it is “Used.” Choose “Needs Repair” if the is not working but can be repaired by the Buyer with new parts and some time. Select “For Parts Only” if the item is beyond repair or the effort to repair is significant.
  • COLOR/PATTERN: Sometimes pictures don’t represent the true color or pattern. Input the item’s color, such as “dark grey,” or the pattern, like “MultiCam”, to offer more information about the Item. If you are listing BBs, enter the BB color.
  • WARRANTY: Select your warranty for your item. Most items listed should be marked as “As-Is/No Warranty.” Few, if any, should be marked as including a “Factory” warranty. If you want to offer a “Limited” warranty on the item, you must include the specifics of that warranty within the Description box.
  • RETURN POLICY: Choose the option that aligns with your condition of sale. As long as you were honest and clear with your listing details, a request for a return should not be required. Falsely representing a product is not only a bad idea but also fraud.
  • WEIGHT (IN GRAMS): This option is only included if you sell BBS. If applicable, enter the weight of the BBs in grams. For example, “.25”.
  • BATTERY mAH: This option is only included if you sell a battery. You are to enter the total mAH for the battery in the presented field.
  • BATTERY CONNECTOR: This option is only included if you sell a battery. If unsure of your battery’s connector type, do a quick web search and note it correctly.
  • BATTERY MATERIALS: This option is only included if you sell a battery. You are to select the material composition of your battery, as noted on the battery itself. While it is possible to send LiPO batteries by US Mail, the batteries MUST be declared properly, and the box marked correctly. That said, and due to the combustible nature of LiPo batteries, we suggest you limit the sale of LiPo batteries to face-to-face transactions only.
  • DESCRIPTION: This is the area where attention to detail matters. Enter as much information and facts about your item. Be truthful when describing the item, what is included in your listing, and any other details that you, if you were the Buyer, would want to know about the item.

Step Four: Click the Submit Listing button (as shown below) located at the bottom of the form.

Step Four: Wait patiently. To reduce fraud, every new Listing is reviewed by our staff. If your Listing complies with our terms, the Listing will be approved and posted – Live. If more information is required for your Listing, we will contact you. A review may take up to 72 hours. You will receive an email when your Listing is live.

What happens when your Listing is purchased?

To purchase your Listing, a Buyer needs only click the “Buy Now” button on your Listing’s page. After successfully entering their payment details, you will receive an e-mail stating that your Listing was purchased.

View Sale Details: To view the details of your sale, go to Account>Your Orders, then click the Order Number for that Listing. On this page, you will see the amount paid for your item and the “Payout Due” amount you will receive from this sale (Your NET earnings). The contact information of the Buyer for your order fulfillment is also included on this page.

How to Contact the Buyer: If you have a question for the Buyer, you may contact them via the “Contact Buyer” button located on the Order Details Page of the sold item.

Mark Item as Shipped: Upon shipment of the item(s), log into your 6mmGear Account. To the right of the “Contact Buyer” button is a button called “Deliver.” Select the Deliver button, enter the important shipment details into the box, and click “Delivered Order.” This action will create and send an email to the Buyer, letting them know that the goods are en route while also giving them the shipment’s tracking information. This email will also include a link for the Buyer to click once the item(s) are received.

Once the item is shipped, the Buyer has three options.

  • They can mark the order as “Complete.” Doing so tells you and our Team that the Buyer is accepting the goods. The buyer will get a summary of the sale.
  • They can “Reject” the order. This means the item is not acceptable to the Buyer for one reason or another.
  • They can “Dispute” the order. This means something is out of sorts for the Buyer, and they seek a mutual resolution.

Request your Payout: If an order is not manually marked as complete 10 days after the order is marked as “Delivered” by the Seller, the status of the order will default to Completed. Once the order is marked “Complete” by the Buyer, or by default, the Seller may request your payout. Go to Account>Dashboard to request your payout, and click the “Request a Payout” link in the red box below. Note that the dollar amount shown, indicated by the green arrow, is the amount payable to you (the purchase price minus commission fees).

Payout Options: Payout methods can be done in one of three ways. You can be paid via PayPal, Zelle, or Paper Check.

Payout by PayPal: You must include your PayPal e-mail address in your Payout request’s comments section.

Payout by Zelle: You must provide the e-mail address or phone number aligned with your Zelle account within the comments section of your Payout request.

Payout by Paper Check: You must provide your mailing address within the comments section of your Payout request.

Commission Fee: When you sell an item, a 6% commission fee (Escrow) will be deducted from the gross amount of your sale. For example, if you sell an item for $50, your payout amount will be $47.00. This fee offsets our costs for handling the transaction on both the purchase from the Buyer and the payout to you, the Seller.

How to Manage your Account & Listing.

To manage your listings, go to Account>Listings. Any Listing noted as “PENDING” is under review. Once a Listing is Live, you will see an eye-icon that you can click to view your Listing.

To edit your Listing, go to Account>Listings and click the pencil icon. From the edit screen, you may update the details for your item, hide the item from public view by clicking “Hide,” or remove the item completely by hitting “Delete.” Once you have a Buyer for your Listing, we suggest you Hide the Listing. Once the item ships and delivery is confirmed, that would be the time to delete your Listing. Any Listing not deleted will eventually be removed when the term of the selected Package expires.

To view your Listing History, go to Account>Orders. To review a specific order, click the corresponding order number or “View.”


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