NOTICE: The goal of 6mmGear is to create a positive and smooth transactional experience between the Buyer and Seller. Buyer and Seller must understand that all funds for a Classified transaction are held in escrow by 6mmGear until both the Buyer and the Seller meet specific conditions. Only after these conditions are met will funds be released to the Seller.

Airsoft players often hear during safety briefings that Airsoft is a game of integrity. This comment is usually followup by the most stated phrase in airsoft, “…so call your hits”. Some players don’t or won’t call their hits, and some people in this world lack integrity. We call these people “Scammers.” Caveat emptor!

Communication is key. If you are interested in an item listed on 6mmGear, communicate with the Seller and get more information. Ask the Seller to supply additional pictures of the item, even a video of the item in action, so you can honestly look at the item you are buying. It is especially important to request item images and videos if the Listing image looks like an image lifted from another website. On 6mmGear, communication between Buyers and Sellers is simple. Keep reading.

Be safe and smart. We highly recommend that all communication between the Buyer and Seller be done using the 6mmGear platform. This not only allows for a record of the communication, but it keeps you from having to give your personal information to another party. To send a message to a Seller, click the “Reply to Listing” button or 💬-icon. Once either method is clicked, a form will open where you can type your message and upload images optionally. When you type a message, be clear with your request. The Seller will use the same function when replying to your messages, at which point the Seller can upload images or videos if requested.

Create an account. Having a verified 6mmGear account offers comfort to the Buyer that you, too, are a real person. Furthermore, your communication history will be saved for future reference. Please note that messages will be purged after some time, and if you close your account, messages will also be purged. Plus, with an account, you can mark items as favorites (by clicking the ❤︎) as you browse listings on 6mmGear.

Making Payment. We made it very easy for you to purchase a Listed item securely. After getting specifics from the Seller, you need only click the “Buy Now” button when you come across an item you like. After you enter your payment details and the transaction is approved, the Seller will receive a notice along with your contact information. Upon shipment, you will receive notice from the Seller with tracking information.

Acceptance of Goods. After receiving and inspecting the item(s) purchased, you must notify the Seller. You need to either confirm that all is good or file a dispute. Because funds are held in escrow, all communication must be done promptly – within 48 hours of receipt of goods is our request of you.


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